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Hydrogen Economy And Electric Cars

Due to the gradual running low of the so called “fossil” fuels such as Crude oil, Natural gas, Uranium, Coal, etc. it is expected the following spiral of the human civilization to be based on the so called “Hydrogen economy”. In this respect our company jointly with the City of Bourgas University “Assen Zlatarov” is working out a New Type Proton-Polymer Membrane and a Useful model of a High Efficiency Hydrogen cell for application in the electric car production and for every day life. It is in the process of patent registration. Heads of the two teams are Dr. eng. Petar Sabev and Proff. Dr. Georgi Kostov. «Меtronom-P.S.Ltd. jointly with «Solar-lab»Ltd applied for a patent a “Моdule electric car», and on this basis won a competition for financing through the Operative Program “Competitiveness” for development of a prototype. Head of the team is Master Physicist Roumen Baev.


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