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Independent Scientific Research And Development Company Laboratory


Company laboratory has been working since its creation as an authorized laboratory. Its task was to fill some of the market niches after the beginning if the democratic process in Bulgaria, especially after the first waves of privatization. It was authorized by the Ministry of Health in the fields of: noise, vibrations, microclimate, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, non-ionizing electromagnetic fields, etc. Head of the laboratory is Dr. eng. Peter Sabev, former lecturer at the Technical University in Sofia and the Technological University in Aindhoven, Netherlands. Here probably many of you will ask the question: if the Inspection control body is controlling the same physical factors of environment, as the company laboratory for assessment and control isn’t the latter unnecessary ? It is not by chance that we attract your attention to this at first sight paradox, but things normally follow their internal logic, caused by the needs of the real economy. And it, the real economy, needs not only confirmation or rejection of the accordance through the strict simply defined control ensured by the Accredited bodies which no doubt have their place, but also needs preliminary assessments and prognoses, before investing huge finance means into specific investment projects. It needs as well particular consultant services to assist the optimal functioning of all the subjects participating in the real economy, incl. bodies and institutions ensuring not only a comfort business environment but also healthy and safe labor conditions. Kere is the difference between the Inspection body and the Company laboratory. Thanks to its philosophy and the actual legal base the inspection body can not do this. That is the reason the Law-maker is providing for giving the right by the Health law the Minister to authorize specific business subjects to carry out such activities in view of solving serious problems of the real life. So, in brief, both Inspection bodies and Company laboratories have their right of existence in the real economy and the relations between them are in no case antagonistic, even the other way round – their activities mutually compliment one another.

Besides the measurement of the above mentioned physical factors which are under the control by the Inspection body, the Company laboratory is carrying out also the measurement of vibrations of the “hand-body” system as well as inside buildings – wall, floor, etc. and speed, strength and direction of the wind, solar beams intensity, volt/ampere characteristics of photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic co-efficiency and a number of other parameters connected with the renewable power engineering. Since its creation up to now the Company laboratory has done measurements and assessments of Hygiene protective zones of the basic stations of the mobile operators – Mobiltel, Globul and Vivacom in more than 1000 sites. Based on our protocols have been put into operation more than 300 basic stations only in Sofia / See “Public register of the basic stations of Sofia mobile operators” / ! Thanks to the high professionalism of the Laboratory team and the modern measuring equipment used it has won the leading place among the laboratories in the country.

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