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About Us 

Меtrоnоm P.S. Ltd. was created in 1994.

Founder and manager of the Company based on the registered in 1991 One-man company “Metronom – Peter Sabev” is Dr. engineer Peter Sabev. He is former lecturer in the Technical University in Sofia and the Technological University in Aindhoven, Netherlands. He was serving as Director of the National Institute of Standardization of Bulgaria, as Counsellor in the Council of Ministers and as Executive Director of BulgarGas Bulgarian State Share Holding Company, etc. Until now Deputy Manager of “Metronom-P.S.” Ltd. Is economist Mila Popova,MsScn. Since 1991 he is in the private business. Since 1991г. the Company holds its own trade mark. He was initially dealing with trading and scientific and development activities in the field of high tech and in the field of aero technologies in particular for the Bulgarian military aviation, production of alarm equipment for detecting of high levels of Methane and Propane-Buthane, devices for measuring the density of electric magnetic fields at the range between 0.3 and 300 GHz, etc.

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